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Dropshipping Agent Service

About Dropshipping Services

Do you sell products on Shopify or eCommerce platforms like eBay or Amazon?

Are you into dropshipping from China or other Chinese shopping sites?

Are you tired of making orders every day, coordinating with dozens of suppliers, updating excel files while dealing with order cancellations due to stocks running out?

All these can hinder income generation and business growth.

At FulfillBox, we can solve all this for you

  1. We offer a team who can handle full order management on your behalf. It’s not software or an app, it’s a group of people, ready to serve you.
    So simple!
  2. We work tirelessly to make sure our clients get cheaper and safer Purchase Options.
  3. We don’t just fulfill your orders and update tracking numbers; we get products in stock on your website directly from Chinese Manufacturers, i.e. you get products of better quality and lesser price than Aliexpress.
  4. We handle the full order management service of your business and keep you updated while you concentrate on the marketing aspect.

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